This my starship, get on it.

This my starship, get on it.

Beloved brothers and sisters,

Welcome to the Starship Abundance. I am just here to tell you that you are amazing! Nobody is perfect, but that doesn't change one thing that I'm saying. You are simply amazing! So no more delaying these dreams that we are chasing.

illuminacci is more than a person. It is a movement:

  • illumi - to bring light; enlighten
  • nacci - derived from fibonacci sequence of sacred geometry; divine energy vortex that grows and guides all life in the universe.

Download my latest singles "Boost It" and "Open Your Heart"  on the music page. There, you will also find extreme vibrations of abundance to boost yourself daily on your journey.

    We are abundance. We are peace. We are one. Together, we will awaken the global conscious and heal the planet and ourselves. I love you and I am you. May uncoditional love and endless abundance dwell within you always.



    "send me the files!"

    All music emailed directly as released.

    IG: 1treeill

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